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I request to send you this testimony of this wonderful man of God who usually visits our house in Kampala, Uganda.
Emmanuel Tuwagiraimana is from Rwanda, central Africa. Before 1994, he had been living as a Christian but he was not
faithful in his walk with God. During the Rwandan genocide of 1994, Emmanuel and his friends were trapped in Kabwai
School, Gitarama town, about 45km from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Emmanuel could not walk as he had suffered
severe bomb sharpenels that had left him with severe wounds all over the body. They could not move out of the school
because it was risky and very dangerous. Due to lack of medical attention, one morning Emmanuel was found dead by his
friends. They wrapped his swollen and smelling body in a bed cover and pushed it in a far corner in the room. By now,
smelling fluids were oozing out of Emmanuels dead body.

Emmanuel says he did not know how suddenly he went out of his body. He found himself at a big gate. Two men stood at
that gate and intoduced themselves. They said: “We are angels. Now you are standing at the gate of the heaven” When
Emmanuel looked upon himself, he realised that he was putting on a very beautiful body, unlike the earthly one. The two men
took him through sweet smelling garden of flowers. They took him to a man who introduced himself as Christ. Jesus
presented himself to Emmanuel in two forms. First he presented himself with a body of scars. He showed Emmanuel the
scars made by nails at the cross. After Jesus knew that Emmanuel had no more doubts, He (Jesus) started moving with
Emmanuel while he put on a very beautiful body with no scars. Jesus told Emmanuel many things. Then they came together
back to earth. They went to Rwanda and stood in the very room where Emmanuel’s body lay. They stood in the air and
morever, no one could see them. Jesus showed Emmanuel his dead body. Emmanuel says it looked terrible. “It looked like a
dead cow!” Emmanuel says. They could hear the voices of people in the room. They were saing:”Oh, the saved man had

Jesus told Emmanuel that one day he would go back into that rotten body.

Jesus took Emmanuel back to heaven and showed him a city of very beautiful houses. Emmanuel says he has never seen
such houses. Then he was shown a lake. Jesus told him that his time had not come yet so he coulkd not cross that lake.
Accross the lake he could see living persons. When he looked closely, he saw a Moslem man he had known in Rwanda.
Also, he could recognise some Christians he had worked with. He asked Jesus how these people could be there. Christ told
him that these people succeeded to make it to heaven to be with God. Emmanuel asked how a Moslem could be among
them. Jesus told him: “As he was dying, that man called upon my name and I saved him from eternal fire”. Then Emmanuel
asked about a certain dead Sister in the Lord with whom they had been ministering to in Rwanda. Jesus told him that she
could not come to heaven because she died with a lot of unforgiveness and bitterness in her heart.

She had refused to forgive her fellow Christians who did not visit her in a Rwandan hospital. Then Emmanuel asked about a
certain dead man with whom they were praying. Jesus told him that man could not go to heaven because he kept on stealing
money collected by Christians to help the sick in hospitals.

Emmanuel was taken to hell. Hell is filthy and people are made to work day and night. There is no rest. All beings there are

Then Jesus brought something that looked like a chocolate bar. Jesus told Emmanuel to eat it. He ate it and true, it tated like
chocolate. He ate the whole of it. Jesus told him: “You have eaten the Bible. Now it is in your head, you will be able to
memorise it every where you go” [This is true. Emmanuel has all the scriptures in his head].

Seven days after he had died on earth, Jesus told Emmanuel it was time to go back in his body. At first Emmanuel refused
leaving heaven. But Jesus just touched him with the tip of his finger. Emmnuesl found himself in a dead rotten body. He says
he struggled with one arm to keep the maggots out of his mouth. His friends in the room could not believe their eyes when
they saw Emmanuels moving body. The straps got loose and Emmanuel sat down. His friends run out of the school shouting
that they had seen a ghost! But Emmanuel also shouted calling them and assuring them he was not a ghost. He aws given
food and taken to the hospital.

One of Emmanuel’s arms had rotten to the extent of almost falling off. Doctors in Rwanda decided to amputate it but God
told Emmanuel not to accept. In God’s supernatural working ways, God appeared to a white doctor in Australia. He told
him to go to Rwanda to do surgery on Emmanuel’s arm so that it is not amputated. In a strange vision, God gave this doctor
a picture of Emmanuel and the address of the Rwandan hospital. This Doctor obeyed and saved Emmanuels right arm in
Rwanda! [note: from 1994 to 1999 Emanuel had a supporting metallic support structure on his arm fixed by this doctor.
Now he had removed it].

After healing, Emmanuel started his ministry of testifying what happened to him and his visit to heaven.

His is always on the move in African countries. His telephone in Kigali Rwanda is 250-517030. Also, he can be contacted
through my e-mail address: mmakko@infocom.co.ug or Post Office Box 3268 Kampala, Uganda.

Thanks and God bless you.

Makko Musagara

P.O.Box 3268 Kampala, Uganda


Rwandan Sees Heaven

Brother Monday, I send you this other testimony of mine that happened a few years ago. Like many Christians I had always under-estimated the power of witchcraft until these events took place. Then I confirmed that Satan really operates through witchcraft.

In 1991 I had just been promoted to the position of a field supervisor. That meant I was in charge of all field activities and vehicles at a station in Rakai District, 150km from the company head office in Entebbe, Uganda. We had a team of several drivers. What I did not know was that two of these drivers were deeply involved in witchcraft purposely to prevent anybody from taking over their jobs or driving trucks allocated to them. My schedule required me to visit the field station regularly. On this particular day I decided to drive one of the company Toyota Hilux double cabin pick-up myself. I drove without using a company driver. What I did not know was that the man who usually drove this vehicle had known of my trip and had, the previuos night,contacted a powerful witch who made sacrifices in that vehicle.

I left Entebbe at about 3:00pm destined for Kalisizo, 145km away. I will never start the engine without prayer, so I asked for God’s protection. When I reached Kitubulu, 4km along Entebbe-Kampala road, I realised something strange. Instead of keeping in a straight line on the left of the road [**In Uganda we drive on the left], I felt a strange push that kept me veering to the right. I was almost crushing into vehicles heading into the opposite direction. At first I thought it was unbalanced tyre pressure causing this. So I had all pressure measured accordingly. Back on the road, again I was experiencing the same veering force! I prayed to God and asked for the protection of Jesus Christ. As I was about to reach the field station, I heard a sound in the bonnet but I just continued driving as it was already dark. When I reached the station, I realised God had given me special protection because the battery broke out of its position as I was driving. As I rested in my room at night, I wondered why all these things had happened to me. I did not know that I was battling powerful demonic forces planted in the vehicle. I prayed feverishly and I slept. While sleeping, God never revealed to me anything in a dream or scripture.

In the morning I was so surprised by a question from co-worker who did not even know Jesus personally. She asked me: “Makko, are you O.K??” I told Mary that I was fine. “Why are you asking?” I inquired. She told me that at night she saw a strange dream about me. I became anxious and asked her to tell me what she dreamt. “In that dream I saw our two drivers Duhagi and Kolwaga [the two real names have been altered here to prevent publicity] seated on a cliff near a road looking at that vehicle you drove yesterday. In this dream, they had put a big snake accross the front tyres and another big snake accross the rear tyres. They were saying: ‘LET US SEE HOW HE WILL DRIVE THAT VEHICLE!!” She continued: “But in this dream I saw you had killed the snake at the front. You had beaten the one at the back but it did not die and was still alive” That was her dream.

I always take dreams seriously because God has used them to speak to me. So I went back to my room and thanked God for reavealing my enemies and for showing me the secrets of the spirit realm. What I later regretted was that I did not go into deep prayer that morning. Yet, from the dream I had been told that “one of the snakes was still alive”. Surely enough, as I was driving that morning in that same vehicle towards Kabundabunda, in Kabula subcounty, one of the tyre levers springs broke into two. This was a new old vehicle with very strong springs, so I realised that I was dealing with very powerful wicked spiritual forces. Realising that there is someone who wants me to die in an accident, I got annoyed and pulled out my pocket NIV Bible. I told the two passengers Fred and Mary that they had seen the power of Satan, now it was high time to see the power of God. I do not know where the words I spoke came from. I found myself saying: “In four days, the very same thing my enemies wanted to happen to me will happen to them because it is written in this Bible: “If a man digs a pit, he will fall into it; if a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him” Proverbs 26:27.

I did not know that God had taken these words and scripture very seriously.

That night as I was sleeping, God showed me a strange vision. I saw a big snake running out the vehicle I was driving and quickly entered the vehicle of my two enemies. The following day as these two men were driving their car, it was involved in an accident and almost killed them. That was four days after I had quoted the scripture in the Bible. Fred and Mary saw the broken car of Duhagi and Kolwaga and they remembered my words four days ago. They said, like Pharaoh did: “Surely God is God and most powerful!!”

May God bless and strengthen the faith of all Christians.

Makko Musagara

P.O.Box 3268 Kampala, Uganda e-mail: mmakko@infocom.co.ug

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